Worried It's Spam? 5 Things to Look for

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Worried It's Spam?
5 Things to Look For

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  1. Asks For Sensitive Information
    (Personal or Financial) Even banks don't ask for this stuff! Legitimate banks and companies will never ask for personal or financial information in an electronic message.
  2. Impersonation of Companies or People You Know
    Many criminals try to fake the appearance of well-known companies or people that you deal with frequently. Look for the warning signs on this list, even from senders you think you recognize.
  3. Uses Scare Tactics
    (For example: Will delete your account if you do not respond)
  4. Asks For Money in Advance
  5. Seems too Good to Be True
    You have won a trip!
    Beware of unexpected prizes or offer or money – never send money or give personal information to claim a prize.

Spammers are good at crafting professional, personalized messages, however you still might see these in a spam message:

  • An unfamiliar sender
  • Poor grammar, typos or spelling mistakes
  • Generic greetings (For example: Hello Friend)

For more information about Canada's anti-spam law visit: FightSpam.gc.ca

Canada's Law on Spam and Other Electronic Threats.