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Graphic of a digital wallet

Digital Wallet


  • A "digital wallet" refers to the use of a mobile device to pay for items, in some cases online and in others at a physical store.
  • While the technology and infrastructure for digital wallets is still emerging in Canada, there are already many examples of mobile devices being used to pay for items.
  • Consumers can sign up for a digital wallet in-store or online by providing a username, password and shipping information.
  • Theft is a major security concern when using a digital wallet. If a consumer loses his or her mobile device, whoever acquires it may have access to banking information saved on it, and may be able to make unauthorized purchases at will.
  • Like all wireless Internet technologies, mobile devices run the risk of being compromised by sophisticated criminals.


  • When making online purchases, a digital wallet will usually automatically fill in order forms with the required information such as your name, credit card number and expiry, etc. It is important to create a strong password for your wallet if you wish to allow your digital wallet to do this.
  • Only use your digital wallet when accessing the Internet through a safe, secure and trusted Wi-Fi connection.
  • Keep your mobile device's software and hardware updated.
  • Use security software on your mobile device to detect online threats against your digital wallet.
  • Make sure you know how to disable your wallet if it is ever compromised. For example, some wallet providers offer an online method for disabling a lost wallet remotely.