Technical and Administrative Frequency Lists (TAFL)

  • Pending frequencies are not authorized assignments and are subject to being changed prior to final authorization. Pending frequencies are listed as Frequency Status "0".
  • On January 19, 2008, Industry Canada migrated all radio station licences and broadcast certificates to the NAD-83 standard. All reports and files produced by the Department after that date follow this standard.
  • These Canadian frequency lists use the metric system. Therefore all linear measurements, for example, are expressed in metres or kilometres.  All geographical coordinates are in the NAD-83 standard.
  • Information on the frequency assignments to the Department of National Defence or to our security agencies, is not included in the lists.  These exclusions represent approximately 6% of the lists.
  • All compressed data files (.zip) must be decompressed after having been downloaded before attempting to view or use the data.  Additional instructions are provided in the Help page.
  • Previous and current changes made to the frequency data files are detailed in the Update to the List page.
  • Most of the data files are updated every month.  The date of the last update of each data file is indicated in parentheses in the format: YYYY/MM/DD.
  • ON-LINE searches of TAFL are available at the Spectrum Management System & Spectrum Direct web sites.

Frequency Assignment Data Files

Complementary Files

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